The Management of PJIAE in coordination with Government departments of fire services and disaster management herewith inform the general public that on Tuesday morning May 26, 2009, a live Emergency Exercise will be held at the Princess Juliana International Airport. We kindly request your understanding and consideration for any inconvenience caused during this emergency exercise.


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The purpose of this exercise is to assess the level of preparedness and coordination between PJIAE and the island emergency agencies in response to a simulated aircraft accident.

During the exercise, residents may see clouds of smoke in the vicinity of the airport and they may also note the heavy activity of fire fighting units, ambulances, police and other units involved in the exercise on the public roads. Motorists are requested to cooperate and exercise caution.

A live Emergency Exercise is a standard practice at airports and is sanctioned by the International Civil Aviation Organization. The main purpose is to train agencies to save human lives in the event that an aircraft accident occurs on or in the vicinity of the airport.

Drs. E.B. Holiday