Call for Projects

Activities and Events To Occupy and Employ Youngsters

1. Criteria and principal objectives

The Collectivité of Saint-Martin in an effort to promote local initiates organized by the actors in the field has launched a call for projects. This call concerns the NGOs specifically (associations) who:

· Give an impetuous to activities that help enliven the districts and provide occupation for the youth

· Encourage initiatives that seek to bring solutions for social and professional integration of our young people

· Help maintain social links and encourage citizenship


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In order to be eligible, the project must fall within one of the following categories and respond to all of the criteria of eligibility:

· Cater to young-parents, through the elaboration of educational programs

· Detect, accompany, and recruit young people who can carry out a project for the district

· Develop good citizenship through intergenerational and intercultural links.

Eligibility criteria

· NGOs (association) that are established or in the process of being created,

· NGOs (associations) who already have access to a location in which to carry out the programs

· Project presentation should include the plan of action and the efficiency criteria

Priority will be given to projects that are presented by associations working jointly either in one district or over several districts.

Priority is also given to after school activities, week-end programs and activities that take place on holidays and school vacation periods.

2. Conditions for program development and implementation

· Audience and Territory: Young people between the ages of 11 and 25 years. A special emphasis will be placed on young people living in priority districts as defined under the former Contrat Ville such as French Quarter, Sandy Ground, Grand Case, Marigot and Concordia.

3. Conditions for Project Financing

Associations should present a draft budget that outlines all sources of financing for implementing their project including methods of co-financing.

4. Implementation Calendar

5. Closure and Project Evaluation

All projects should be submitted on or before June 5, 2009 to:

President of the Collectivité

Call for Projects

Quartier de l’Hotel de Ville

-BP 374


Contacts : Alex Vignal Dir. Of Cohésion Sociale/Hénoc Patrick

Telephone: 0590 29 1310/Fax: 0590 87 00 63