St.Martin Pony League 11 – U French side selection team defeats Dutch Side selection 11 – 8

In connection with their upcoming trip to the Caribbean Zone Games in Puerto Rico and the trip to the Dominican Republic

in the month of October where they will be playing against 11 – U teams from the Southern – Northern and Eastern part of

the Dominican Republic, yesterday St. Martin Pony League selection players from the various neighborhoods of French St. Martin

played against the selection of Dutch St. Martin. It was the French Side that scored first when French Award winning player

Eleoni Martinez got a walk, stole second base, advance to third on fielder’s choice and scored by pass ball by catcher.


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After that

the players Darlin Alberto and Pochi Wilfrido both scored to give the French Side a 3 – 0 lead. The Dutch Side however came back

and took the lead when batters Jesus de la Cruz , Ariel Tirana, Jose Delgado and Eric Justo all connected hit product of four runs

for Dutch St. Martin to take the lead. French side went to bat and scored the same amount of runs to take a 7 – 4 lead. The Dutch

Side came to bat and tied the game by scoring three big runs. With the game tied 7 – 7 both teams then brought on the mound

their star pitchers Eleoni Martinez and Francois Eliotte. Eleoni came to pitch in relief of Anthony Reyes while Francois came in relief

of pitcher Ariel Tirana. Despite the change of pitcher the French side selection still scored 3 more runs to take the lead of 10 – 7.

The following innings where scoreless until the end of the game when Anthony Reyes and Francois Eliotte both scored a last run

for their teams to end the game at a 11 – 8 victory for the French side selection.

On the picture; the winning French Side selection team in red jerseys while the Dutch side team is in the green.