Simpson Bay Lagoon Authority Corporation: JOHN SAINSBOROUGH LEJEUZ BRIDGE

Simpson Bay Lagoon Authority Corporation hereby announces that during the period of June 1, 2009 until June 30, 2009 Hofman Sliedrecht B.V. will continue the execution of the permanent repairs of the Simpson Bay Bridge.

As is known in July last year Central Welding & Irons Works executed part of the repairs and guarantee work on the bridge as was indicated in the Inspection Report of Rijkswaterstaat of March 2007.

In November 2009 Hofman Sliedrecht continued the repairs, installing new bearings for the lift deck conservation (painting) of the upper structure and installing a new motor and speed controller making it possible to operate the bridge at a higher wind speed limit, and so ensuring the safe and secure operation of the bridge during the entire yachting season


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During the June 2009 repair period Hofman Sliedrecht B.V. will repair the bottom side welds of the lift deck. After jetting (blasting) and cleaning of the bottom of the deck, any detected deficiencies of the deck will be repaired.

The works will further include extensive conservation of the bottom side of the bridge, such as the painting of the lift deck with three or four layers of coatings selected specifically to provide protection against the corrosive marine environment surrounding the bridge. The upper deck surface will be stripped of the old worn out coating and will be completely resurfaced according to specifications.

From Monday June 1, 2009 to Sunday June 14, 2009 the bridge will be closed for maritime traffic. Depending on the progress in the execution of the repair work during these two first weeks the bridge will open one day per week at 06:00 o’clock AM permitting vessels to depart and to enter the Lagoon.

When the repair work is being done underneath the bridge deck the bridge will not open for vessels and no maritime traffic will be allowed to pass under the bridge deck as the passage will be blocked by a pontoon. All maritime traffic will have to make use of the passage under the bridge at the Coastguard/Police Station side of the channel.

During the repair period from June 15 – 30, 2009 the road traffic will intermittently have to make use of one lane over the bridge. Signs and lights will indicate which lane is in use. During daytime, security officers will give directions to ensure a smooth flow of the road traffic

After June 30, 2009 the bridge will continue to open daily on the regular opening hours.

During the repair period the road traffic will be interrupted with short intervals when necessary to install the scaffolding or to deliver material to the worksite or to position the bucket truck. This work will be done early in the morning from 05:30 until 08:00 hours when the road traffic is the lightest of the day. During the repair period the main traffic lanes over the bridge will continue to be open for the road traffic.

According to work schedule the permanent repairs will be finalized Sunday June 30, 2009. Hofman Sliedrecht B.V. will work continuously during the nights and on Saturdays to shorten the repair period as much as possible.

The Simpson Bay Lagoon Authority Corporation will keep the maritime sector as well as the general public informed about the bridge opening times on a weekly base or as soon as there is any change in the work schedule.

All facility holders, docks, piers and marinas will receive the information by fax or by e-mail or will be visited by employees of the SLAC.

The permanent repairs to the structure and the moving mechanisms of the bridge are imperative to ensure the continuous safety and security of the bridge operation.

The recommendations made by Rijkswaterstaat, (the Dutch Authority for Waterworks and Bridges) in their report of March 2007 are executed to ensure the durability and longevity of the Simpson Bay Bridge.

During the last week of repairs Inspectors of Rijkswaterstaat will be present to inspect and make an assessment of the condition of the bridge structure and will once more put their findings in a report to the Simpson Bay Lagoon Authority.

The Simpson Bay Lagoon Authority advises the captains of all vessels to decide whether their vessel will stay in the lagoon or outside in the Simpson Bay during the repair time that the bridge cannot open. Please take good notice of the announced opening times of the bridge!

Those vessels that can transit the Sandy Ground Bridge will be able to continue to do so during the regular bridge opening times of the French side bridge.

For any further information please call the Simpson Bay Lagoon Authority’s Collection Office at the Police Station in Simpson Bay next to the bridge at telno: 545 3183 or via the Police Station at telno: 545 5500/01/02/03/04/05 or call the Bridge Operator on VHF channel 12.