Central Committee in Saba meets on Health Care


Late last week, the Central Committee which was chaired by Mr. Rolando Wilson, met with Maarten Stoffels to discuss Health Care issues. The merger and privatization of the A.M. Edwards Medical Center and the Saba Benevolent Foundation was discussed thoroughly.


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A few years ago the topic of privatization arose due to the financial problems the Government was facing. At that time, funding could not be acquired because the hospital was technically a Government institute and the SBF moved head. During the constitutional changes the Island Government brought up their concerns to the Dutch Government, being that Health Care was one of the main concerns.

Currently, Mr. Maarten Stoffels has been assigned at the kwartier maker at the Regional Service Center and represents the Health Care sector.

This month was the first of the scheduled monthly meetings regarding Health Care with the Central Committee. During the meeting the drawing plans for the hospital and old ages home were presented and explained. The board members for the new foundation were appointed. Finally, a draft of the statutes was also discussed and presented to the Island Council Members.

As stated by Chairman Wilson, "All parties were satisfied with the discussion and the meeting was fruitful, lengthy, and enlightening".