NAGICO Donates To The Prison Band


NAGICO Insurances contributed to the rehabilitation of prison inmate recently by making a donation of musical instruments and equipment to the St. Maarten Corrections Facility. The instruments were donated to be used by the prison band, one of the various programs and activities that are provided to inmates during their rehabilitation process.


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Band leader, Tobias Rudolph thanked NAGICIO and NAGICO CEO Mcsood Amjad for the donations, "We are happy for what NAGICO has done for us. NAGICO always seems willing to give back to the community. We have received from them and now we want to give back to the community" ,stated Rudolph. "This is the second time NAGICO has donated to us. The first was a computer and now instruments. Everyone really appreciates what NAGICO has done." The band is used as a tool, not only to let inmates learn how to play instruments but as a way to express themselves.

Chaplin Illidge, who runs the chapel at the prison stated, "Music plays an important role in the spiritual development of the inmates. We have music lessons for drums, keyboards, guitars and the bass guitar. Thanks to companies such as NAGICO the inmates are given an opportunity to better themselves."