Kamp meets with Saba Central Committee

This week, the Island Council of Saba held a Central Committee meeting chaired by Rolando Wilson. Mr. Henk Kamp met with the Island Council to discuss some general issues in regards to the Island Territory of Saba.

Several topics were discussed during the Central Committee meeting on Wednesday.


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Some Island Council members got the chance to introduce themselves formally to Kamp. Mr. Kamp gave an explanation as to his function within the Antilles. An update was given on the latest developments with GEBE. The future of Winair on Saba was also brought into the discussion. The disaster area at the Fort Bay was brought up (as well as a personal visit later on by Kamp). Some other topics that were focused on were health care, Laws of WOLBES, Coast Guard, and Safety. Finally, a possible water distribution network for Saba was discussed during the meeting.

Those in attendance to meet Mr. Henk Kamp were Chairman Rolando Wilson, Commissioner Bruce Zagers, Island Councilman Carl Buncamper, and Island Councilwoman Akilah Levenstone.