Fort Bay Project area update; Kamp surveys harbor

During this week, Commissioner of Harbor Affairs has been busy discussing various aspects of the harbor with different stakeholders. On Monday and Tuesday, representatives from Lienvense Consulting Engineers came to Saba to meet with several involved parties to discuss the SEI project for the Harbor. This is the initial stage and their role is to create a project proposal which will portray the wishes of the Island Government of Saba.


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Part of this trip also entailed some lengthy discussions concerning the unstable hillside that has many people on the island concerned. Last week, the Island Government received a report from USONA which was made by a geologist with his conclusions as to what possible solutions could be. The report proposes draping two types of steel netting over the hillside which will protect the area from further erosion. This proposal will be thoroughly analyzed by experts to see if this is indeed the best solution for this project. In the meantime, other options will also be pursued. Furthermore, this report has also been analyzed by Mr. Henk Kamp and he has shown concern about this potential life-threatening area.

On Wednesday Morning, Commissioner Zagers personally met with Mr. Kamp at the harbor to survey the hillside in question. Given Commissioner Zagers previous background in harbor affairs, serving as Harbormaster, he was able to give Mr. Kamp thorough assessment of what he personally feels should be a permanent solution for the hillside along with thoughts concerning the harbor project financed by the SEI.