Commissioner Wescot-Williams commends St. Maarten students on being innovative

Commissioner of Education Sarah Wescot-Williams, would like to commend St. Maarten students Quincy Turner (18) and Fransie Becker for their innovative idea of developing the "Poken."

The "Poken" is a digital business card in the form of a USB stick with contact and business information on it. The duo has established a company called YNA Enterprise.

The company recently entered an innovation competition in Holland on April 3 and won.


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Commissioner Wescot adds that the success of the young St. Maarteners is testament that the educational system is producing innovative persons.

Innovation is key to the competitiveness of a nation aspiring to be among the top growth nations of the world.

"Countries are restructuring their economies from investment-driven to innovation-driven. Some people view innovation as high-tech machines and people with doctorate degrees working in laboratories. This is far from the truth.

"Innovation is nothing more than coming up with good ideas and implementing them to realize their value. Innovation is about value creation, whether in terms of product development, service delivery, process re-engineering or market creation.

"I encourage other young people to come forth with their ideas. As we move towards country status, let innovation be one of the sectors that will carry our island nation well into the 21st century. We will continue to create an environment that is conducive for ideas to flourish. Once again, congratulations to Turner and Becker," Commissioner of Education Sarah Wescot-Williams told the Government Information Service (GIS).