Public Works looking at alternatives for pot holes repair


The Sector of ROB is looking into other long and short term solutions for the repairing and maintenance of pot holes.

Representatives of a Cold Mix asphalt patching solution visited the island upon request of the department of maintenance of the sector ROB early March 2009.

The department is currently inquiring about solutions for the patching of potholes that will not only be more cost efficient but also provide a more continuous solution.

The patching of the pothole with a cold mix solution will be executed by workers of the department, so Government is able to reduce cost by not using contractors that use hot asphalt.


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The cold mix solution is designed and manufactured in such a way that it is as strong as warm asphalt patching, but is only feasible with small quantities and area work.

Marketing Director for S & P Industries, Reginald Peterson, a representative of Perma-Patch, had a meeting last month with the Director of and other ROB department officials to discuss the cold mix solution product.

A sample of this Cold Mix solution was left behind and a test was successfully executed by the department of maintenance.

The information of the product and the executed test will be used to prepare the Terms of Reference that will ultimately result in a tender for the deliverance of a Cold Mix Solution along with all necessary tools and materials.