New Garbage truck finally arrived in Saba


The new garbage truck for the Sanitation Department of the Island Government of Saba finally arrived on the island on Wednesday morning.

The new truck has cost the Island Government some NAf. 200.000,– and it was purchased from Netherlands Antilles Import & Export N.V. on Curacao.

With the arrival of the new garbage truck the Sanitation Department now has three functioning trucks for the collection of garbage on the island. At present the department has one compactor truck and one open truck that has to take care of the garbage throughout the entire island. The other compactor truck that the department has, has been undergoing repairs for the past 2 years and it seems that it is taking way to long to repair.


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With the arrival of the new truck another problem will arise as their are not enough garbage collectors at present working on the trucks. Some days one can see only one person working on the truck together with a driver. It is expected that with the arrival of the new garbage truck government would now also go over and regulate matters pertaining to the employees that works on the trucks.

We spoke to one of the employees of the Sanitation Department on Wednesday afternoon and he was overjoyed to see the new truck and he said that he hope that it will be kept in a good condition to serve the island. We are proud of the new truck and we want to thank the Government for purchasing the new truck.