Jeep takes for the bush over the wall in Saba


On Monday evening just before 11.00 p.m. Police as well as ambulance personel was called out for an accident that took place on the road between Windwardside and English Quarter. Upon arrival they were notifided that a black Diahatsu jeep had gone over the wall. Two persons were in the jeep at the time of the accident and both of them were taken to the A.M. Edward’s Medical Center with some bruises and they were kept overnight for observations.


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Reliable sources told SNA that the jeep was being driven by a medical student and from all indications they may have been speeding and lost control and climb the wall resulting in the jeep going completely over the wall. Our sources informed us that the students were at a private party.

Police is busy carrying out a full investigation on the cause of the accident. Although the Easter holidays on Saba went very quiet, this was the only accident that was reported. One source told SNA that they are happy that only two persons were in the jeep at the time of the accident because some 30 minutes before the same jeep had passed through the village and had around 10 persons in it.