Small Fire at Government Building, Short circuit apparent cause


On Monday, April 06, 2009, around 4.15 pm, an apparent short circuit caused an electrical fire on the main electrical line in the Government Administration Building.

Personnel quickly evacuated the building while fire fighters extinguished the flames, which were contained in the small electrical room at the rear of the Government Administration Building. Some smoke did protrude to certain areas of the building due to normal air movement, but there were no injuries to the occupants of the building.


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GEBE personnel were immediately contacted in order to cut power to the building, and work has already started on restoring electrical power.

The public is notified that the Government Administration Building is closed tomorrow; and personnel working at the main government building are allowed to stay at home, with the exception of essential personnel who have already been notified. Work is progressing in order to restore normal operations at the building by Wednesday, April 8, 2009.

All other government departments not housed at the Government Administration Building will operate normally on Tuesday, April 7th.