Seven GEBE employees attended the Professional Supervisor Training at the UTS Training & Development Center given by trainer David McGregor. The training covered planning, leading, communicating with employees, colleagues and management, team building and motivation.

GEBE supervisors, Elmer Willems, Ramiro Hernandez, Jules Christian, Vincent Ellis, Nelson Rollan, Albert Fleming and Ronnie Jacobs, were the first group of supervisors to attend the 3-day session. With the positive reviews, the course will be offered to additional groups in the coming year.


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"The training was very interesting. We really learned a lot. We touched on dealing with people, coaching, time management, conflicts, and more. The only way to improve the course would be to extend it to the whole week, because we had to cover so much in 3 days," pointed out Elmer Willems of the Power Plant, "My first day back on the job, I found myself in a situation where I had to coach someone. And as my training says, I gave him an earful of listening. I really tried to listen and understand his problem so we could find a solution together."

"The difference between the people who get sent to a course and those who really want to learn is huge. Any training is only ever as good as the participants," explained trainer David McGregor, "These participants really wanted to learn, were participative and contributed enormously. Their enthusiasm, willingness to learn and input have been greatly appreciated."

GEBE’s Human Resource department organized the training for the seven GEBE supervisors to sharpen their supervisor skills as well as continue their development for the High Performance Workplace. GEBE continues to invest in the training and development of its employees as part of its vision to maintain a skilled team of professionals that strives to exceed expectations.