The Governor of the Island Territory of St. Maarten, Mr. Franklyn Richards, reminds the general public that Friday, April 10 (Good Friday) is an official holiday. Sunday, April 12 (Easter Sunday) and Monday, April 13 (Easter Monday) are the additional Easter holidays.

In keeping with the Law on Shop closure (Publication Sheet 1969, nr. 58), all places of business must be closed on Good Friday. This includes all stand alone casinos, which are also expected to remain closed on Good Friday.

By decision of the Executive Council, taken on January 13, 2004, it was decided that the Executive would not deviate from adhering to the law on shop closures on Good Friday and that absolute respect for the holiday in question should be taken into account.


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As result of the decision of the Executive Council, again reaffirmed by decision of February 10, 2004, no exemptions are granted for business establishments to be opened on Good Friday.

The aforementioned is not applicable to certain businesses mentioned, i.e.:

– Pharmacies, as far as it concerns the sale of medicines and medical products;

– Bars, restaurants;

– Hotels and guesthouses;

– Stores located in hotels, on airport (Princess Juliana International) and harbor (A.C. Wathey Cruise & Cargo facilities) premises;

– Funeral parlors;

– Gas stations and

– Bakeries selling pastries, milk and milk products

The general public, operators of business establishments in particular, are further advised to additionally bear in mind that additional upcoming pubic holidays are the traditional carnival day off (Wednesday, April 29), Queen’s Birthday (Thursday, April 30) and Labor Day (Friday, May 1).

Businesses may open on holidays, with exception of Good Friday, with employees opting to work on a voluntary basis.

Employers are reminded that they must adhere to the labor laws, as laid down in the labor regulations of July 27, 2000 (Publication Sheet 200, no. 67), on these official holidays.

Employers are thus asked to keep in mind the relevant labor laws regulating work performed on that day.

This entails that persons can only be put to work on a voluntary basis and must be paid the tariff for holidays stipulated in the labor laws, if work is performed on the holidays in question.