USONA approves financing agreement for Harbor in Saba

This morning Commissioner of Harbor Affairs, Bruce Zagers, and Henry Dwarkasing from USONA signed the financing agreement that will allow Lievense Consulting Engineers to start the initial phases for the harbor project. This phase involves combining the ideas of the Executive Council and developing a project proposal. Over the past few months, the Commissioner has had several meetings with stakeholders who have knowledge of the harbor and now a consultant will analyze these ideas to see what will be feasible.



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This is the first phase of a total project which amounts to 7 million guilders which is financed through the Social Economic Initiative. Once the study has been completed then it goes on to the phase of drafting the actual plans.

During the visit of Mr. Henry Dwarkasing the issue at the harbor was thoroughly discussed together with the Planning Bureau and Big Rock Engineering. Several possibilities were discussed, however, no real solution has been found.

The next step will be to invite a geologist to perform tests which will ultimately determine what will be the best solution for stabilizing the hillside. In the meantime, it has been decided that the security department will remain at the harbor and new measures will be put in place to ensure public safety.