Saba gearing up for Carnival 2009

The Saba Cultural Foundation is currently busy with preparations for the island’s 33rd celebration of its Saba Summer Festival in the latter part of July. Public Relations Officer, Chulani Levenstone informed GIS that "plans have been underway since the early part of January to ensure that events and troupes were coordinated efficiently."

According to the Cultural Foundation, three troupes have officially signed up though it is anticipated another one or two would before June. In addition to the troupes only one night has been purchased by a promoter. Levenstone expressed concern about this situation and would like to encourage any other willing promoters, local or international, to contact the foundation if they are interested in providing entertainment during the week by the advertised deadline on March 31st.

On March 31, the foundation will meet to go over the requests and finalize the program line up, as well as, troupe participation. Commissioner of Culture, Bruce Zagers, stated that he "looks forward to the event and hopes that the community can throw in their support to make it a huge success"

Source: Saba Government Information Services –


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