Commissioner Roy Marlin discusses Monument Fund with Herman George

There have been several meetings among the Directorate of Program and Projects, St. Maarten Preservation Fund, Herman George—Director of Reda Social, and Commissioner Roy Marlin at different times during this week to resolve the matter of establishing a Monument Fund for St. Maarten.

Commissioner Marlin was enthused about the idea of having a fund for St. Maarten. People could apply directly on St. Maarten, and not have to go through a longer and distant process. There will be $1.6 million in the fund; persons or families could apply for low interest rate loans to refurbish or repair their historically significant building or monuments.

The sprucing up of Historical important buildings, Commissioner Marlin said, is also a tourism attraction. So it is a win-win situation for all.

Herman George pledged his support in establishing the monument funds. Included would be the cost of having persons temporarily stationed in St. Maarten to assist in the matter. In addition, time is of the essence George said, for the funds are there only for a limited time.


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