Commissioner Buncamper attends Violence Prevention Week program at Sundial

Commissioner Maria Buncamper-Molanus attended a preventative session at the Sundial School for Violence Prevention Week.

The speakers spoke mainly about self esteem and the need to not only prevent violence but take responsibility for doing the right thing.

Commissioner Buncamper-Molanus congratulated all those students for taking part and the teachers and management of the school for putting on such an extensive program in an effort to reduce violence in the community.

Commissioner called on the students to act responsibly and in turn success will follow, "If you want to be successful, you have to plan and do well in school, including studying hard."

Commissioner Buncamper-Molanus asked: "Why do we have violence?" The students gave such reasons as, namely: hatred, gangs, drugs, and jealously to name a few. Commissioner Buncamper – Molanus added some of her own reasons: TV, weapons, poverty, and peer pressure.


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"But we must be tolerant," Commissioner said, "we must accept everyone for who they are, whether they are big, small, tall, fat, skinny, among other characteristics. It is about choices we have. We have to choose wisely. Stand up, be brave."

We all know what the problem is, so we all have to do our part, and not one person or one group, not just Government, and not just parents, to solve the issue, but everyone, all groups," Commissioner Buncamper-Molanus said.

Although Government is doing much, i.e. Girl Power, Dare Program, Baby Thin it Over, Active Parenting, Family & Friends Network, and a host of other programs. We all have to be positive. Do whatever we can and make St. Maarten a better place.