Commissioner Buncamper meets with Reda Sosial on Small Business Development

Commissioner of Economic Affairs Maria Buncamper-Molanus, met with Reda Sosial Director Herman George and the Small Business Development Foundation (SBDF) recently.

George was given an update on the advancement of the Entrepreneurship Training Courses that are presently being implemented by the SBDF and funded via Reda Sosial.

During the meeting George also indicated that there are still funds reserved for entrepreneurship development for St. Maarten and advised that the island should continue to tap into this for small business development.


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Commissioner Buncamper was in complete agreement with this and fully understands that the micro, small and medium size business sector are the backbone of the nation’s economy and any funds that are available will be fully utilized in order to continue to develop the nation’s economy especially in these challenging times due to the global economic-financial crisis.

Buncamper therefore welcomes this development and gave her commitment to support a proposal to tap into the funds.

The project which was submitted by SBDF on Wednesday will be evaluated by Reda Sosial and recommendations will be forwarded to the Executive Council with respect to the commitment required from the Island Government before the process can be finalized.