Notice from SVB

The Director of the Social Insurance Bank announces to all employees and family members that there is an opportunity to change from family physician from :

March 1st 2009 until March 31st 2009

To make this change one should apply to the Social Insurance Bank, Walter A. Nisbeth Rd. # 1 with his/her :

1. Seguro Card or

2. Temporary Proof of Registration and

3. Identification

Here follows a list of family physicians affiliated to the Social Insurance Bank, to whom you can change.



Dr. Arrrindell, A.

Rembrandtplein Unit # 3 & 4 Madame Estate


Dr. Bouman, F.

Bush Road


Dr. Bryson, G.

Lower Pr. Quarter


Dr. Datema, J.

Simpsonbay Yacht Club


Dr. Deketh, H.

Mulletbay Building # 15


Dr. Dennaoui, M.

Airport Boulevard


Dr. Foeken, G.

Union Road, Colebay


Dr. Gumbs, R.

Hyena Road, Cayhill


Dr. Herles, A.

Union Road, Colebay


Dr. Knol, L.

Ch. Voges Street # 3


Dr. Spencer, G.

Oleander Road, Saunders


Dr. Tjaden, U.

Simpsonbay Yacht Club


Dr. van Osch, G.

Union Road, Colebay




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