Saba Hospital gets new x-ray technology


This week March 2nd 2009, the hospital had a much anticipated upgrade to their x-ray system. Previously, x-rays were done in the typical processing of x-rays with a dedicated x-ray development room. Miami based technician Alberto Mastrolonardo will spend a few days on Saba installing the modern x-ray system. This system acts as more of an upgrade to the existing x-ray table and system. "This is actually a cost-effective upgrade that was made, since we were able to use existing equipment", said Mastrolonardo.

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Dr. Gijs Koot made himself available on his day-off to walk Alberto through the hospital and test out the new system. Koot has been awaiting this installation and upgrade for some time now, and was glad to see this finally implemented.

The upgrade lies within the x-ray processing system. Instead of using liquids and traditional processing, a digital machine and phosphor plates are used to scan x-rays into a computer system. This system should add a greater level of reliability, portability, and clarity to the hospitals x-ray system. Portability being a key advantage, x-rays can be exported into common computer files and sent to neighboring hospitals for deeper analysis and consultation.

Commissioner of Health, Bruce Zagers stated, "I am very glad to see this new innovation reach Saba." Zagers has high hopes that this will lead to reliable future diagnosis of his local people.