Saba Dispensary has Opening

This week, the Saba Dispensary had its grand opening to the public and invited guests. The privatization of the pharmacy on Saba has taken several years, but Saba now has a dedicated facility. Commissioner of Health, Bruce Zagers stated in his speech, "I am proud to see that this transition has been realized during my term as Commissioner of Health".

This facility is a major improvement to the previous pharmacy which was owned and operated by the Island Government. This should provide a central location and improved service for the community of Saba. The pharmacy is reminiscent of a facility within a large country or storefront. For the relatively small area on Saba, it definitely provides a new and modern look to the island.

Even now, the Island Government continues to have a strong working relationship with the Saba Dispensary – Friendly Island Drugstore. Friendly Island has been the main supplier for the Governments previous pharmacy for years.

Upon visiting the pharmacy you can find not only medication but canes, vitamins, lotions, and various other amenities. Joep Groenendijk will often be on-hand to courteously answer all questions and fill your prescriptions’.


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