St.Martin Pony League and French St.Martin Baseball and Softball Association

St.Martin Pony League and French St.Martin Baseball and Softball Association hosting of baseball for Semana Dominicana Celebration a great success

In connection with the Celebration of Semana Dominicana the Southern Dominican Republic Pony League visited the island and played best of three games against the St. Martin Pony League’s Bronco , Pony and Colt Division teams. Games were played at the John Cooper Jose Lake Sr. Ball park and the Luis Vanterpool Stadium in Marigot. In the 11 – 12 years Bronco Division the Dominican Republic Team was superior despite the fact that our local team played very well. In the 13 – 14 Pony Division it was the local St. Martin Pony League team that were superior and captured the title. In the 15 – 16 Colt Division even though our local team after game one were the favorite team to capture the title it was the Southern Dominican Pony League Team that came from a tie ball game and in great pitching duel to win the title.


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Most games were well attended and most fans were happy to see kids playing baseball with stealing bases and leading off the bases. Most fans expressed very good comments about the Colt Division team of St. Martin and congratulated them after playing a wonderful game. Most games played in tournament ended with close scores After the game medals of appreciation were given out to the players by the Caribbean Zone Pony Representative and the French St. Martin Department of Sport Representative while the teams are now expressing the wish for another series on St. Martin in May upcoming.

On the attached picture; The St. Martin 15 – 16 years Colt Division Selection that captured the title during the Friendship 3 tournament