Police Report from Saba

2 man arrested during controls/ drugs confiscated.

Based on information reaching the Saba police Dept. prior and during to the ongoing general controls on that island by the O-tolerance team of Sint Maarten, The Customs dept. and members of the Marechaussee, two men with the initials M.K.L. and K.R.V. were arrested suspected of dealing in drugs.The arrests took place on Friday evening February 27th at approximately 07.15 p.m. Both men live in the capital "The Bottom" in the area called "Under the hill". Both men were arrested at their home after a "search warrent" to search the premises was served. During this search a small plastic bag containing an amount of cocaine was found hidden in a PVC-pipe located at the rear of their home. Also a "backpack" containing several plastic bags in which an considirable amount a marihuana and a weighing scale were located hidden on the premises. During a search of the suspects a considerable amount of cash was found, for which they suspects could not give an acceptable answer to where the money came from. All items and cash were confiscated for further investigation. Both suspect have put into custody pending further investigation. The development of this investigation shows that there are drugs circulating on the island of Saba and that more arrests are to be expected. The police is asking the general public to assist them in providing information that could more light on this investigation.The controls will continue.


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