Old St. Maarten ID Cards No Longer Valid After April 1

Head of the Census Office Leona Marlin, announces that the old St. Maarten identity cards (ID) will no longer be valid as of April 1.

Persons are requested to visit the Census Office before April 1 to turn in their old ID cards and replace it with the new credit card size cards that were introduced several years ago.

The administrative cost for a new ID card is Naf.35 and for senior citizens (60+) is Naf.15.

The ID card is legal proof of identity. It is used to open bank accounts or other types of services that requires some form of identification.

The ID card is also a required document for some government procedures.

Failure to produce the card may result in being denied access to premises or attainment of goods and services.

Those who require further information can call the Census Office at: 542-2457 or 542-5375.


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