Commissioner Wescot says Airport Road Project to give impulse to local economy

Commissioner responsible for Aviation Affairs Sarah Wescot-Williams, says that getting the airport road project off the ground at this time will give an impulse to the local economy. Another project will also be put on bid in the coming months that will once again contribute positively to the island economy, namely the FESA project.

The presentation of bids by contractors for the airport re-direction road project brings the project one step closer to realization.

"Although many persons have expressed concerns with regards to the pedestrian crossing in front of the terminal building, fortunately no major incidents have occurred as a result of the current crossing.


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"However, cognizant of the safety aspect, as well as the inconvenience to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic, airport management reviewed options for a re-routing of traffic in the area. This upgrade also includes the parking lot.

"I can fully concur with the Airport Director’s Drs. Eugene Holiday remarks that this project will give an impulse to the economy. Same can be said for another airport related project, the so-called RESA project at the Southern end of the runway, which will also include a road re-routing, runway area extension and a dock for local fishermen.

"The intention is put this project on bid in the coming months, in order to comply with international airport safety requirements and again providing an economic impulse even larger than that of the road redirection, for which the bids were recently presented and made public," Commissioner of Aviation Affairs Sarah Wescot-Williams told the Government Information Service (GIS) on Thursday.