Commissioner Wescot commends St. Maarten Academy on launch of honour roll program to recognize paren

Commissioner responsible for Education Affairs Sarah Wescot-Williams, commends the St. Maarten Academy’s Academic Campus for launching its "Honour roll Bumper Sticker" program in an effort to reward parents of students who stand out academically.

Each term the school rewards students for making the honour roll, but this term, based on the initiative of the school’s student care department, parents of honour roll students have now been recognized through the bumper stickers.

The stickers read, "My Child Made the Honour Roll at the St. Maarten Academy!"


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"The honour roll system which now also rewards parents is an excellent idea. I cannot stress enough the role that parents have in their child’s education and that they are the ones firstly responsible for their child (ren)’s upbringing.

"As parents we are also the child’s first role model. At the same time, I acknowledge that parenting has not become any easier and many parents work very hard at their children’s upbringing and to provide for them. In providing for them and their future, education is the key. Especially young parents and single mothers are encouraged to see their child or children as a blessing, notwithstanding the circumstances of life.

"Parents will without a doubt be very happy to share the recognition that their child received knowing that they were also responsible for the child’s achievements. Display it proudly to show your child you care.

"I encourage students to work hard; to use the talents they have to excel. They and their parents will be recognized for a job well done and even more so, they are putting a firm foundation in place for the future," Commissioner of Education Sarah Wescot-Williams told the Government Information Service (GIS).