Geothermal Energy to be discussed on “Changes” in Saba

Host of the weekly radio informative program "Changes" Mr. Dave Levenstone announced on Wednesday that he will be doing a special interview on Thursday evening February 26th 2009 at 8.00 p.m. over the Voice of Saba, 93.9 FM.

I have invited Mr. Kerry Mc. Donald of West Indies Power on Nevis to be my guest for a special program. Levenstone said that there are some concerns regarding the setting up of the Geothermal Energy project on the island and he considered it very important to contact Mr. Mc. Donald so that he can speak with the community of Saba on the project.


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We have been hearing so much about this project, but there has not been any involvement on the part of the community and information is badly lacking where it concerns this project for the island.

We have been hearing how much money this project will bring in to the island, but there is much more information that needs to be shared with the community Mr. Levenstone said. Money is not everything we have to look at all avenues in order for this project to be a success for the island. The community of Saba has to be better informed and that is why I have decided to invite Mr. Mc. Donald to be my special guest.

I look forward in Mr. Mc. Donald sharing very important information with the community, after all the success of this project depends heavily on the acceptance of the Saban population.