Commissioner Wescot briefed on nation’s preparations to take responsibility for telecommunication..

 Commissioner Wescot briefed on nation’s preparations to take responsibility for telecommunication regulatory framework

Commissioner responsible for Telecommunication Affairs Sarah Wescot-Williams, met on Monday morning with Telecommunications Consultant Peggy Ann Brandon and Sector Director of Economy & Tourism Miguel De Weever where she was briefed with respect to preparations for St. Maarten to take over telecommunication regulatory responsibilities.

Bureau of Telecommunications & Post (BTP) is one of the areas listed for transfer to the island government by July 1, the date that has been set on November 24, 2008 by the Island Government and the Central Government.


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The Executive Council approved a Strategic Telecommunications Policy back in July 2008 which determines the growth and development direction of the island’s telecommunications industry.

Major progress has been made where it concerns an area code for country St. Maarten as well as an internet extension.

The Island Government is working towards having a technical telecommunications expert in place by April to assist with the establishment of the Regulatory Agency.

It is also in the planning to have all draft telecommunications legislation made readily available to the public and telecommunications providers in May.

An Island Ordinance establishing the St. Maarten Telecommunications Regulatory Agency has been drafted to be forwarded to the relevant government departments for review and then on to the Executive and Island Councils.

"I am very pleased with the progress to date by our local team who has been working diligently to put all aspects in place to meet the date of transfer from the Central Government to the Island Territory. This process and other processes of taking over the responsibilities from the Central Government will be done in an transparent manner as is currently being done with the telecommunications sector," Commissioner of Telecommunication Affairs Sarah Wescot-Williams told the Government Information Service (GIS).