Economic Controllers visit businesses on Frontstreet and Backstreet

Economic Controllers have been assigned to control all businesses for business & director’s licenses plus operational licenses for businesses that retail/wholesale alcoholic beverages, bar/restaurant/ hotel/guesthouses and ice cream parlors.


Businesses that are open after 6:30 p.m. must have a license from the Lt. Governor allowing them to open after the afore-mentioned hour.


The business owners are required to have the licenses displayed in the establishment and must therefore have the licenses available upon request by the controllers.


Businesses that are operating are required to have the necessary licenses issued by the Island Government.


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Persons born in the Netherlands Antilles of Dutch nationality who are operating a business as a sole proprietor do not require a business license, however they must present the Chamber of Commerce registration.

However, if the business is one of the above-mentioned businesses, then the Antillean business owner must have in their possession an operational license.


This exercise is done twice a year or as the need arises.


Businesses found without the required license will be issued a warning and will be informed to either present the documents at the Department or submit the application for the required licenses at the Department of Permits, Licenses, Public Vending and Economic Control (VOSEC). The business must remain close during the time their request is being processed.


This exercise commenced on December 2nd 2008 in Philipsburg and will be continued through out the island.