Florida officials show keen interests in working with St. Maarten

So far during the official working visit of Commissioner responsible for Education Affairs Sarah Wescot-Williams, to the Capital City of Florida, Tallahassee, much interest has been expressed in the island based on Wescot’s deliberations with government and private sector officials.

During a dinner reception held in her honour on Tuesday evening organized by LINKS Inc., Leader of Government Commissioner Sarah Wescot-Williams was bombarded with questions about the island with respect to investments, public sector and constitutional renewal. During the reception, LINKS Inc. renewed their commitment to continue to assist St. Maarten students studying in Florida.

LINKS Inc. representatives also commended Head of Study Financing Calvin Mardenborough for his work and relationship with universities and students ensuring that St. Maarten continues to get the best out of the Sister City agreement in the area of education.


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Commissioner Wescot-Williams and delegation member Head of Study Financing Calvin Mardenborough, arrived in Tallahassee late Tuesday afternoon and were greeted at the airport by the Mayor’s representative Carrie Blanchard, City representative Ben Harris, and representatives of the board of the St. Maarten-Tallahassee Students Association, Stephen Knight, President of the Tallahassee-St. Maarten Foundation, and St. Maarten Government Liaison Arthur Lugissee.

During a meeting on Wednesday with Director of Tourism, Trade and Economic Development Dale Brill and International Affairs Liaison Eric Graham, the discussions focused on the opportunity for St. Maarten to be considered in Florida’s on-going international program.

Florida House Representative Senator Allen Williams (Florida Legislative Black Caucus) committed himself to working with St. Maarten in all areas of interest set forth by Commissioner Wescot-Williams.

During a meeting with Mayor John Marks at City Hall on Wednesday, the Mayor expressed to St. Maarten’s Leader of Government his continued interest in the Sister City partnership and his willingness to continue to support the program.

After a tour of the City Traffic Control Security System, the Fire Chief of Tallahassee Cindy Dick stated that they are committed to lending assistance to St. Maarten in what ever way necessary.

Commissioner Andrew Gillum in discussions with Commissioner Wescot-Williams discussed the on-going relationship with the City of Tallahassee and Gillum committed himself to a number of projects.

The Leader of Government is expected back on island February 22.