Saba Civil Servants Social Association is in solidarity with Drs. Gracita Arrindell

The board and members of the Saba Civil Servants Social Association on Wednesday afternoon issued a public statement in which they are stating that they have been following the long drawn out battle of former Island Council member and senior civil servant on St. Maarten Drs. Gracita Arrindell and the Island Government of St. Maarten in regards to her position within the civil service on St. Maarten.

President of the association on Saba Mr. Dave Levenstone stated that his association is in full solidarity with Drs. Arrindell in her request to be treated fairly and placed back into her previous position within the civil service apparatus on St. Maarten especially after winning her last battle in December 2008 in the Courts of the Netherlands Antilles, where the judge ruled that she must be returned to her previous position.


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Our associating is of the opinion that civil servants on all islands has to stand up and defend their interest and if having to walk to the Courts to seek proper representation and defend their interest it is rather regrettable, but it may be the best and only way to go in order for governments to respect the laws of the land and the rights of the civil servants.

Gone are the days when civil servants has to accept whatever from government and do not try to defend their interest. Justice has prevailed for Drs. Arrindell and still she is being forced to take her matter back to the Courts in order for the court decision to be respected and it is very much regrettable.

our association is in full solidarity with her and we want to wish her God’s speed and strength as she go through this struggle.