USONA continues funding for Social Formation Program


Recently, USONA, led by Frans ver Steeg (Director of USONA) paid a working visit to the Island Territory of Saba. The first agenda point covered was the signing for continuation of the social formation program. This program gives those who follow it, the possibility to earn a high school diploma and specialize in many areas – including computer skills, language skills, and other technical areas.

The program has been taken from the Minister of Education Omarya Leeflang’s Delta Plan. This plan has been partially funded through the Netherlands by means of their cooperation for youth.

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The second agenda point was on the 9th European development fund. Monies have been allocated for each of the Antillean islands by the European Union to be spent in areas such as social housing and infrastructure. USONA met with Commissioner Chris Johnson to discuss the procedures which have to be followed in order to obtain the funding. Director of the "Own Your Own Home Foundation", Mr. Rolando Wilson and Head of the Planning Bureau, Mr. Robert Zagers, were on hand to discuss the details of the procedures.

Source: Saba Government Information Services – gi*@sa*****.com