Central committee meeting, discusses corporate identity


On Monday, February 16, 2009, in the Claude Wathey Legislative Hall at 10 am, there was a Central Committee meeting, chaired by Island Council member Leroy de Weever, to hear presentations and discuss among other topics the proposed Corporate Identity for future Country St. Maarten, Same Sex Marriages, and a presentation on the Golden Rock Estate.

For the presentation on the project of Corporate Identity for St. Maarten, present were the Steering committee, the Sounding board, and the workgroup, who explained about the project in detail, from the initial idea for the reason of establishing a corporate identity to the current developments.

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The Corporate Identity project, which was presented by the Department of Program and Project DPP Project manager Andrea Ortega and Head of the Socio-Cultural Department, Neville York, is now up for approval and consideration by the Island Council members.

The second part of the Central Committee meeting, consisted of a presentation to the Island Council members on the subject of same sex marriages from a biblical, social, and legal & constitutional development point of view by members of the religious community. A congregation of religious leaders, including the Council of Churches, gathered at in the CWL hall the Government Administration Building in support of the rejection of same sex marriages.