Commissioner Wescot congratulates St. Dominic Primary on 20th Anniversary

Commissioner responsible for Education Affairs Sarah Wescot-Williams, would like to congratulate the Catholic School Board, management, staff, students and parents of the St. Dominic Primary School on their 20th anniversary.

Festivities to commemorate the anniversary are scheduled for this week.

The St. Dominic Primary School in South Reward opened its doors unofficially in August 1988 followed by an official opening in January 1989.


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"It is important that we recognize that the St. Dominic Primary School’s basic purpose has always been centered on the needs of children, in building citizens for the future.

"As we move towards country status, this school and others on the island will continue to play an essential role in preparing students who not only acquire a body of useful knowledge, but who also have been taught to be honest, who are stimulated by risk and danger, who get satisfaction from achievement, who are patriotic, who have curiosity and humor and imagination.

"A good education is one of the finest gifts afforded by any democracy to its children. I am confident that this school will continue to be flexible and discerning in its curriculum design to take full advantage of the increasing knowledge of ourselves, the world and the universe.

"I extend on behalf of government our sincere congratulations for the very successful record of achievement during the past 20-years and may the school continue to serve the St. Maarten community in meeting the educational needs of our island nation," Commissioner of Education Sarah Wescot-Williams told the Government Information Service (GIS).