Civil Servants receive Certificates for archiving and document management course

Friday afternoon at the Government Administration Building in the Claude Wathey Legislative Hall certificates were presented to 22 civil servants working within Government’s administration departments.

Commissioners Sarah Wescot-Williams and Maria Buncamper-Molanus were present to congratulate the graduates on their successful passing of the course.

Commissioner Buncamper-Molanus pointed out the importance of this course.

The management of documents is an important task. Imagine if we could not find a document for a court case or for a reference report to construct a policy, we would not get too far. So do not underestimate the value of your contributions in this field.


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I congratulate you on taking the course, improving your skills, and enhancing government’s apparatus. Your work is appreciated and recognized.

Commissioner Wescot-Williams said that just like we are building the country for constitutional separate status, step by step, brick by brick, so too are we building the civil service core.

You have completed yet another course, while still doing your regular work, you are to be congratulated. Though the obligations are many, sacrifices are many, the satisfaction is great. You are definitely contributing to the government organization and the future country St. Maarten.

You have increased your knowledge about document management and information technology, which is crucial for the administration. I can’t tell you that it (courses, continued education) ends today, for learning is a life long process. I want to thank you for contributing to the functioning of government.

The Island Secretary, Joane Dovale-Meit, was also present to provide some words of encouragement and wisdom.

Your achievement is impressive, for you the participants of the training course you have applied yourselves with dedication to upgrade your knowledge and skill set in the benefit of the entire organization.

I salute you, the 22 graduates, on your achievement. You are a credit to your organization. Your families and your co-workers are deserving of a word of thanks as they too have undoubtedly played supporting roles in your achievement.

The true measure of success, besides the first step, of this training program is in its implementation, the use by each and every one of you of your newly developed skills and knowledge in your work environment.

I want to congratulate you for a job well done.