House completely destroyed by fire in Statia


On Friday february 6th at approximately 11.30 p.m. the police dept. on Statia recieved a call informing them, that a house located on the Tijgerweg was on fire. The fire dept. and police patrols were directed to scene to investaigate the matter. On the scene the patrol noticed that the home owned by the man with initials M.C. was totally ingolfed in flames and that this fire had the possibilty of spreading to other nearby buildings. The traffic in that area was rerouted in order for the fire dept. to carry-out their work effectively. However the fire was so intense that it spread to the roof a nearby unoccupied building. It took the fire dept. approximately two hours to put out the blaze. However eventhough enless effort by the fire dept. the house in question was completely destroyed by the fire. The unoccupied building that had also caught fire only sufferd minor damage. No one was injured. The acting division head of Statia, Inspector Q. ROGERS, was also on the scene. According to the Acting Head of the Fire Dept. Mr. TEARR the cause of the maybe because of faulty electrical installation.

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