Commissioner Buncamper launch of PSA by students

Tuesday February 3rd 2009 in the morning at the St. Maarten Academy (Academic Section) there was the launch of a public service announcement that was created by students on the topic of HIV/AIDS.

The PSA came about after a youth consultation (Nov. 2008), which had the aim of coming up with ideas about preventing HIV/AIDS.

The students came up with a jingle to target other youths they believe because of their youth, other kids will listen to them. The theme was, "Youths reaching other youths." And the song which the students worked on was "Live your life" by American Rap artist T.I.

Commissioner Maria Buncamper-Molanus congratulated the students on the initiative and job well done, not to forget other students while doing great social work.


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This group has certainly joined a well-respected, hard working, group of young people doing excellent work in the community.

The theme for this year HIV/AIDS program is "Think red, Do safe." And we are doing well, we have reached milestones. And along these lines, on behalf of the government of St. Maarten, we appreciate what you are doing. Young people listen to other young people, and every one, hopefully, will listen and follow the positive message about prevention.

And this effort is an example to other young people, who will not only listen but contribute in their own right to the efforts to "do safe."

We can’t do it on our own; we need the rest of the community and the media to spread the message.

The PSA was paid for by St. Maarten Aids Foundation and will be aired for 3 months on the radio stations.

The lyrics were written by the students.