Press Release from National Alliance State Secretary of Health George Pantophlet

National Alliance State Secretary of Health George Pantophlet would like to congratulate Mr. Don Froston on the establishing of his "Foundation for Hope and Music Development. Due to his schedule he is unable to be present for the launching. He is humbled by the invitiation of Mr. Froston to such a special event. It is a known fact that Mr. Froston has and is still dedicating a lot of his time and effort in work of a Social nature in the community. This effort calls for a lot of sacrifice on his part but one can see it is something that he has dedicated his life to. We know that music transcends all languages and it has brought him to realize his dream by establishing this Foundation. He reaches out to all sectors of the community excluding none. This can be seen with his music ministry and his ministry at the Point Blanche prison. There many others some known to us and some not known who are also involved in this venture and they too must be recognized. Don’s vision and mission to give hope to young persons in particular is evident in the name of the Foundation, "Foundation of HOPE". He wants to wish Mr. Froston and members of his foundation much success and God’s strength. 

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