Commissioner Wescot Commends Customs for Important Work they carry out

Leader of Government Commissioner Sarah Wescot-Williams, would like to join the rest of the members of the World Customs Organization in observing International Customs Day on January 26.

The theme this year is "Customs and the Environment: Protecting our Natural Heritage."

"I would like to use this opportunity to recognize the important work carried out each day by the Customs Department and the latter’s steadfast commitment against different forms of illegality. 

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"Our law enforcement bodies including our Customs division should be given all support as they work everyday to keep our communities safe and borders secure," Leader of Government Sarah Wescot-Williams told the Government Information Service (GIS) over the weekend.

This year’s theme pays attention to the environmental threat which is now at the top of the world’s agenda. The aforementioned threat includes climate change, the hole in the ozone layer, global warming, deforestation, the disappearance of species etc.

The members of the World Customs Organization has been working diligently in halting the illegal trade in environmentally-sensitive commodities such as ozone depleting substances, hazardous and other waste, chemical weapons, and the endangerment of fauna and flora.