Commissioners absence from the Island must be considered irresponsible

Leader of the Democratic Party on Saba Mr. Dave Levenstone on Friday said that he has taken note of the fact that both Commissioners within the Island Government of Saba has traveled to Nevis to meet with Government as well as representatives of West Indies Power.

Levenstone said that he welcomes any new developments in regards to trying to seek relief for the community of Saba where it concerns electricity etc. but I cannot agree that both Commissioners would leave the island at a time like this when one of them could have traveled to Nevis to meet with the Nevis Island Administration. I have no problem at all for the Commissioner with Energy Affairs Mr. Bruce Zagers traveling to Nevis to hold discussions with the Government of Nevis. All other meetings with West Indies Power should be held on Saba and not on Nevis. If West Indies Power wants to do business here they should be able to come to Saba and meet with the entire Executive Council and probably also with the Island Council of Saba and also meet with the community of Saba to sell the project and obtain the support from within the community. 

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Having both Commissioners once again leaving the island and not returning until Tuesday of next week is irresponsible. Furthermore I also feel that if the commissioners were traveling to Nevis to hold such important talks they should at least have hired a law firm to work along with them on these issues as they will be discussing matters that neither one of the Commissioners has knowledge about.

Even the management of NV. G.E.B.E.would have been a good choice to go along to attend the discussions.

Levenstone said that it seems to him that the Commissioners does not trust each other as it is happening to often now that both of them are traveling at the same time to attend the same meetings. Formerly this was never done and should not be continued At least one of the Commissioners should have remained at home and leaving the island for so many days is utter irresponsible. Leaving the Acting Lt. Governor alone without even having the Island Secretary or the Act. Island Secretary on the island to manage the Government is a form of bad governance. No decisions can be made at this time in the event that something does happen on the island. Spending an entire weekend in Nevis to chill out is irresponsible.

It is becoming to often and also going outside of the Netherlands Antilles and holding discussions with foreign Governments without having cleared this with the bureau of Foreign affairs is also irresponsible governance. Not even the Island Council has been informed in regards to the trip outside of the country. This is in conflict with the Island Regulations. They are committing the Island Territory without any legal basis or backup.

There is so many things that needs to be looked into on the island and we have two Commissioners traveling around as if nobody can say anything. Levenstone said that is why he has always said that the Island Council functions as a rubber stamp of the Commissioners. No approval was requested from the Island Council to hold discussions with a foreign government.

Civil servants cannot receive their periodical allowances and yet the Commissioners are traveling the whole globe as if nothing has to be said or done. this is tax payers money they are spending and they will be criticized for this form of bad governance.

Levenstone said that he intends to send a letter to the Governor General of the Netherlands Antilles and also to the State Secretary of Kingdom Affairs pointing out the irresponsibility.