Seminar Country Ordinance – Foundation Based Education

On Friday, January 23rd 2008, the Department of Education will be holding its first seminar on the Ordinance for Foundation Based Education for Country St. Maarten’s.

The Department of Education has invited the stakeholders and those of the Foundation Based Education Schools to come together to discuss any bottlenecks of our present Central Government Ordinance which will be taken into consideration when drafting the Ordinance for Country St. Maarten.

In taking over the tasks of the Ministry of Education, legislation governing education has to be established. This process provides the Island Government with an opportunity to make the necessary adjustments to the present Central Government Legislation and to establish new or adjusted legislation to regulate issues specific to education on the Island of St. Maarten.

The Commissioner of Education, Sarah Wescot-Williams, encourages all participants to see their input in the process as a contribution to building country Sint Maarten in general, and our future education system in particular. ‘This is our chance, let’s grab it with both hands’, the Commissioner concluded". 

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