Changing of the guard here is also imminent, says Frans

The wind of change is also blowing in St. Maarten, like the new breeze that swept the world with the inauguration of new United States President Barack Obama, says National Alliance Island Councilman/Parliamentarian Frans Richardson.

Stating that the new era of Obama is reminder of what can be achieved once people believe and organise, Richardson warned the "old guard" in St. Maarten that change is also coming here.  

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"It’s just a matter of time before that sense of uncertainty and displeasure at the doings of present government administrators is transformed into an unstoppable force by a people who not only deserve, but should be granted change they so yearn for. Let us then be reminded that whatever the situation is in St. Maarten, today, there is compelling reason to believe that, yes, we can, we must and that we will overcome," he stated.

"For St. Maarten, it [the change ushered in by Obama] should serve as a reminder that change is possible, that the changing of the guard is imminent and that there is no reason not to continue the fight," Richardson said.

"St. Maarten has, for too long, been the subject of ridicule and suspicion, attributed to those who have placed self-interest above the general interest, calling into question the collective commitment and responsibility towards good governance and transparency."