Production begins on constitutional affairs ad campaign


Bureau for Constitutional Affairs will begin with the production of 6 commercial spots for both radio and television. These commercials were written and directed by Ian Valz.

On Saturday, the first commercial was in production at the AC Wathey Cruise and Harbor Facilities, Commissioner Sarah Wescot-Williams was present and said that we have to be persistent in the development for constitutional attainment.

"Here we are, in the next part in the constitutional campaign, which will be launched in February. The theme is: En Route to Country St. Maarten. This constitutional process is about getting involved; it is a road we need to follow in order to arrive at country St. Maarten."

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"On this road, we will encounter obstacles and road blocks, but we need to persist, and we need to do that together. It is about knowing, of being part of, it is about understanding, the future of our island is about each and every one of us," Commissioner Wescot-Williams said.

"We have to ask ourselves, ‘What is happening with our constitutional efforts? Where are we at? How much further do we have to go?’ But more importantly, ‘How is each one of us contributing to the constitutional developments?’"

Commissioner Wescot-Williams said that ultimately, "Having country St. Maarten on paper is not enough, it needs to live in the hearts and minds of all St. Maarteners. Through this promotional campaign, I encourage you to live it, feel it, and work towards country St. Maarten. Be part of the process, know the issues, defend the issues, defend our island, defend Country St. Maarten. It is truly a road to walk, a path to follow, and we need to do it together."

Jeannette Hagen, Head of the Constitutional Department, explained about the need for these commercials. "We saw the need to bring the technical information of the constitutional developments in a more informative and entertaining way to the community of St. Maarten. We are trying to bring forward messages that people have on their minds in a simple and fun way."

Director Ian Valz elaborated on the current promotional productions that he is engaged in. "After months of consultants, it was decided that a series of short infomercials would be produced. We came up with various themes that we have to work with and that the public needs to be address and for the public to become aware of. The infomercials will be informative and entertaining, and we have utilized the best actors on St. Maarten."