Frans: St. Maarten needs to follow BES to indirect taxes

Government has no excuse not to implement indirect taxation measures that will put more money in the pockets of the working population and give them more spending options, National Alliance Island Councilman Frans Richardson said Sunday.

Commending the BES Islands Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba on their move to indirect taxes, Richardson said it is time government make a serious attempt in this same direction.

The island councilman has been pushing for the move to indirect taxation for over two years now.  

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Considering the current global economic "rollercoaster" and its gut-dropping effects on the local economy, there is no time to spare or no moment too soon to provide this needed relief to the island’s residents and businesses, he pointed out.

Similar to the BES islands, indirect taxation here will result in lowered income and wage tax levies and the possible elimination of profit tax while turnover tax, for example, will increase.

"It’s time government wake up. We are seeking self government –separate status – and this means we have to show maturity in the way we take care of our people. Indirect taxes are a move towards taking care of our people," Richardson told The Daily Herald.

"As it stands, government is not even telling people enough about where we are going in the process. Government seems not to be interested in preparing the people by giving them information or relief," the island councilman said.