Security officer tied-up during robbery.

On January 3rd police and detectives were sent to ECONO Food Market on Welgelegen road for a robbery. On the scene the security gaurd with initials E.F.G. stated to the investigating officers that around 05.00 a.m. while carrying out his controls of the building and premises he was attacked by five unknown men. These men were mainly masked and dressed in dark clothing. At least one of these men were armed with a small silver colored handgun. The victim stated the at the time of the attack he was at the back of the building where he was tied-up and beeing held against his will. Four of the robbers then gained acces to the building while one robber stayed gaurding him. His money and cellular telephone were stolen from him. The robbers also stole, two laptop computers, security camera system, computer equipment, a large amount of Chippy telephone cards and both cash register containing a small amount of cash from the building. The stolen items were placed in a vehicle and taken away. Shortly after the victim loosend himself and called the police and notified his other colleges. The Special Robbery Unit is investigating this matter 

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