Man shot in his neck during armed robbery

The Special Robbery and Forensic Dept. are also investigating an armed robbery which took place on January 3rd at approximately 05.40 A.M. in Zozo Moran Drive In Cole Bay. During this robbery the victim with initials J.C.F. was shot in his neck by the robber. The victim stated to detectives that he had just arrived home from work. He had just parked his car and turned the engine off, when he saw an unknown man approaching him. The victim opened the door of his car and asked the suspect what he wanted. The suspect told him to give up his chain and at the same time the suspect grabbed the chain and pulled it from his neck. After doing that the suspect pulled a gun, aimed at the victim and fired shot hitting the victim in the rightside of his neck. The robber then jumped into an awaiting car driven by another unknown man and drove off. The victim was treated at the hospital for his wound. The bullet did not hit anything vital and the victim could go home after treatment  

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