Press release from Rienk Mud Public prosecutor

Last Sunday, December 21, 2008, around 6 PM a man died in front of his house in the Manzanillasteeg. The victim is known by many people as ‘Eddy the hairdresser’, being the owner of ‘Eddy’s Saloon’ in Backstreet. The victim has been murdered and the police are looking for witnesses who are able to give any kind of information that might help to solve this awful crime.

Witnesses have seen a man coming out of the victim’s house. The man had a dark skin and he wore a light (white or grey) shirt and dark pants. The man left the Manzanillasteeg and ran into Cannegieterstreet. The man ran in the middle of the road in the direction of Long Wall Road (Vlaun’s garage), around 6 PM.

The police are very interested in this man and are looking for witnesses who have seen this man and who might know this man. The police are also looking for witnesses who are able to inform the police about (private) contacts of the victim. Information can be given by calling the police at 542222 or 911. 

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