NAGICARE Gold Card users can tap alternative medicine at Best of Nature Wellness Center

With more and more people around the world turning to alternative medicine for better health, St. Maarten’s largest insurance service provider NAGICO Insurances has taken steps to ensure that its clients can also tap this increasing popular form of medicine.

NAGICO Insurances and BEST OF NATURE WELLNESS CENTER, an alternative medicine provider, have inked a working agreement that enables NAGICARE Gold Card holders to access the wide range of services offered by Best of Nature Wellness Center.

In addition to its full line of nutritional supplements such as vitamins, minerals and herbs as well as lifestyle products, BEST OF NATURE WELLNESS CENTER, also offers a range of services in alternative medicine such as Nutritional Microscopy; AQUAVIDA Foot Spa Detox; Far Infrared Sauna and Colon Hydrotherapy.

Nutritional Microscopy is an alternative medical examination in which a qualitative blood analysis is done to evaluate the health of blood cells and gives persons a better perspective of their health.  

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The AQUAVIDA Foot Spa Detox encourages the body to biologically correct itself through detoxification. It invigorates the immune system, kick starts kidney function, increases metabolism, improves circulation (diabetics will benefit from this greatly) and eliminates sweat.

Clinical studies have shown that the Far Infrared Sauna has a wide range of health benefits ranging from improved blood circulation and a strengthened cardiovascular system to relaxing muscles, increasing flexibility and relieving pain.

Colon Detoxification is a safe and effective method of removing waste from the large intestines, without the use of drugs. It introduces filtered and temperature regulated water into the colon, softening and loosening waste, resulting in its evacuation through natural peristalsis.

The agreement will make it easier for NAGICARE cardholders to tap alternative medicine in St. Maarten without the burden of absorbing costs. By using the NAGICARE Gold Card at Best of Nature Wellness Center, holders will recover some if not all of the costs incurred.

For additional information as well as for details on the conditions attached to the use of the cards contact: Francisco Th. DeWeever, Certified Nutritional Microscopist, at Best of Nature Wellness Center, Charles E. Voges Street #7

Philipsburg. Tel: 580-5797 (cell); 542-0137 (office) or 542-0173(fax). Email: